Under The Influence: Stuylin Style

We sat down with Brooklyn-based style influencer George Myrie of stuylin.com, a blog highlighting his unique sense of style and WWIW (wear what I want) attitude. See the first of our series of style influencer interviews below.

What is your name?

George Myrie

What do you do?

George: I work in Operations Management as well as run a style blog.

How would you define your style?

George: I would say my style is free flowing.

George wearing the Riva in orange.

What do you look for in a pair of shoes?

George: The biggest thing for me is comfort. If you’re going to wear a pair of shoes all day, you might as well be comfortable

Who are some of your style influences?

George: Sammy Davis Jr., Ralph Lauren, and David Beckham

You incorporate a lot of color in your photography. Any tips for pulling off vibrant colors?

George: If you like it, wear it. Just make sure you own it. Who cares about rules, I break them all the time.

What are your 3 favorite Bruno Magli styles?

George: Riva, Fanetta, and Ivan 

Finally, what advice would you give someone trying to define/redefine their style?

George: Take risks because there are times when you may like something, but may not think it looks good on you when that can potentially be the furthest from the truth.

You can find more about George by following his Instagram, @Stuylin or by visiting his website, www.stuylin.com.


Bruno Magli Riva - Orange

Riva Suede Slip-on Loafer - Orange, $350