Introducing AW '20: The Artisans

Introducing AW '20
The Artisans
Cavier Coleman & Bruna Tenorio
This season we follow a pair of young creatives as they seek inspiration away from the bustling city. They journey to an 1850’s villa, its walls speak of a vast and rich history. Centuries of beauty and destruction. 
Cavier, the artist, finds inspiration in the scars on the walls and the Italian architecture. Bruna, the jewelry designer, observes ornate chandeliers and intricate hardware details scattered throughout the building. The historic villa is filled with carefully curated regal furnishings from far-flung destinations across various decades. Doorways lead into rooms filled with dramatic aesthetic, the ambiance feeds their creative minds with enough stories to fill a novel. However, Bruna and Cavier see the beauty, not in the stories, but in the artisanal quality of the villa and objects themselves. They are surrounded by things designed to last not only physically, but visually and emotionally. The villa, these objects, they were all created by an artisan possibly forgotten in time, but they have immortalized themselves within their timeless design, influencing generations to come. In this way, Bruna and Cavier continue to tell the stories of the forgotten artisans through their own new creations. They are the modern artisans, adding to the world’s collection of timeless beauty.
 Bruna with our new Concertina Top-Handle Satchel Handbag in black.
Like Bruna and Cavier, we too carry a legacy – that of the Bruno Magli family. The Bruno Magli brand that has stood the test of time for nearly 85 years and will continue to do so for generations to come. Forever resilient, forever artisanal and above all, forever Italian.